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“We can't thank you enough for coming out beyond your usual travel area.  I have to tell you, [name omitted for privacy] was NOT looking forward to the therapy, but has since told me that he was so glad we ‘found’ you. He has so much respect for you, says nothing got past you, and that you helped him alot. After the first session, I think he looked forward to it. Thank you! . . . You are wonderful!

-wife of former patient with Parkinson’s Disease

"Dr. Stromquist visited me at my home and helped me treat the worst back pain I've ever experienced. She helped me do some stretches and advised me on how to treat it as well as how to prevent it from recurring after it got better. She also evaluated my home office setup and helped me set up a more ergonomic workspace. She made me realize how often I was turning my head instead of my whole body. Within a couple of days I went from nearly being unable to bend over to about 90%. Thanks to her evaluation of my workspace, I haven't felt it coming back."

-former patient with acute back pain 

"Anna correctly diagnosed and treated my vertigo through a series of PT exercises. She also gave me instructions on what to do on my own if it were ever to come back. I was very impressed in how thorough she was during the treatment for my BPPV. I would highly recommend her for any of your PT needs."

- former patient with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

"Anna is amazing. She is very caring, patient, and competent. I started seeing progress in my pain in just a few sessions and she never let me give up or lose motivation."

     -  former patient after total knee replacement surgery

"The BIG program is amazing! I can't thank Dr. Anna enough. I don't think I would have been able to complete the program if she hadn't come to my house. I got my confidence back, thank you."

- former patient with Parkinson's Disease and history of falls

"I was really discouraged after having my second child and none of the personal trainers I worked with knew about my condition or how to correct it. They actually made it worse. Thanks to Anna I was able to reduce my [diastasis] gap from three inches wide to one. Anna also helped me lose over forty pounds of baby weight without making my gap worse."

-former wellness client with diastasis recti abdominis

"Having went to school and worked with Anna for several years, I have seen the utmost compassion in her for this field and her patients. She constantly strives for new knowledge and is up to date on research and advanced treatment methods."

-  former colleague and doctor of physical therapy