Office Consultations

Do you suffer from back or neck pain from your work environment? Magnolia will make consultations in your office or workplace. There is no one-size fits all approach to ergonomics. Our therapist will give personal attention to each work space and the functions associated with it and make appropriate recommendations or modifications to avoid stress on the body. 

Magnolia Home Consultations 

Home Safety

Are you or someone you love moving into a new home and need to make it safe? Or, are you experiencing a temporary change making your current home unsafe? Sometimes these changes can be difficult and scary, but at Magnolia we believe you recover most quickly when you feel safe and comfortable in your own home. We will visit your living space and identify any factors that increase fall risk, or obstacles hindering moving around with ease. We can make recommendations about how to place ramps or bars, modify  doorways, place furniture, or arrange lighting and rugs. We follow the American Disability Act's guidelines for home modifications which can be found here

Moving Around Your Home

Have you had a recent setback that makes it difficult to get in or out of bed? Have you just had surgery and don't know how to get in and out of your shower safely? In a home consultation, we can provide you with very simple strategies to improve your function. There are techniques based in a clinical understanding of anatomy and biophysics that can help you or your loved one transfer in and out of bed without strain or injury. Often, after surgery, patients complain of back pain due to the way they are moving or walking and we can help you avoid that!

Usually, when one is given a wheelchair, hoyer-lift, or transfer board they first undergo extensive training in the hospital or inpatient rehab. We are also able to provide training on how to use devices for those caregivers or patients requiring an extra dose of education. 


Your home consultation will help identify what equipment, if any, may make your or your loved one's life easier. We will discourage the use of any equipment that will make you less strong or less active. We only recommend equipment that will improve your quality of life, either for a short term incident like recovering from surgery, or for a long term disability. We have found that often very inexpensive equipment can make all the difference between feeling independent, preventing lower back pain, and ultimately recovering quicker.