What is the criteria for being seen?

PT or ST 

At this time we are able to provide care for patients needing only physical or speech therapy. If you need occupational therapy, and / or skilled nursing then Magnolia is not a good fit for you at this time. 

A Rx

Doctors of physical therapy have direct access in the state of Georgia with certain stipulations. This means that if you are paying out of pocket (cash-based) then a prescription is not needed from your doctor.  This can save a lot of time and money as you are able to seek out physical therapy immediately without first being seen by your doctor. Nevertheless, we will request pertinent medical information from you and your physician in order to insure that we can give you the very best care.

In order to bill your insurance we will, in fact, need a valid prescription from your physician in order to request reimbursement. You can have your physician fax us your prescription or you can have a paper copy present at your first visit. We have printable PT prescription notes available here to download,  and our contact information can be located here


We are in network for Medicare B. Insurance credentialing takes time and we expect to be in network with other major insurances by July of 2018

We also provide cash-based discounts.