Hand & Shoulder Therapy


Occupational Therapy includes the art and science of the upper limb, including the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. An occupational therapist is a clinical specialist in upper extremity limb and focuses on restoring one’s functional role in society. We provide a highly specialized evaluation and treatment programs that include manual therapy techniques, strengthening programs, home / workplace modifications, and even custom splint fabrication.

Activities of Daily Life


Occupational therapy is an essential part of one’s rehabilitation program. The main objective of occupational therapy is to restore and improve’s one ability to perform functional activities. Occupational therapy focuses especially on what an individual is capable of doing, rather than what they cannot do. At Magnolia we help to overcome impairments and challenges keeping one from reaching their full functional capacity. Occupational therapy can focus on independence in activities of daily life including returning to work, dressing oneself, personal hygiene, transferring, and more. Click here to see what kind of activities are considered “occupational.”

Cognitive Therapies


Occupational therapists are also experts in evaluating functional cognition, and treating cognitive impairments, which can range from subtle to obvious. Early identification of these impairments allows for a more timely implementation of an occupational therapy care plan. The care plan may include teaching strategies and also compensatory activities to improve function. The care plan also includes efficient caregiver identification, education, support, and training.