Magnolia Wellness Visits


AM I a good candidate for wellness Visits?

If you need education or advocacy to promote your health, manage a disease or disability, or prevent certain conditions brought on by inactivity then a wellness visit is excellent for you. Unlike a personal trainer, a physical therapist has earned a masters or doctoral degree, undergone rigorous testing and skill development to apply their knowledge. Excellent candidates for wellness visits are those who would like to improve their function or fitness level and are living with heart or pulmonary disease, obesity, metabolic disorders, stroke, or certain cancers. 

Will Insurance cover these visits?

We ask that all wellness visits be paid in cash, as insurance companies only reimburse physical therapy visits that are deemed medically necessary. Unfortunately, weight loss, physical fitness, sports/hobby enhancement is not considered medically necessary by most if not all insurance plans. Medically necessary visits warrant physical therapy, not wellness visits.  For a more detailed. explanation of what is considered medically necessary click here

What do wellness visits include?

In your first visit, we will work together to make realistic short and long term goals that inspire you. We will evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and any pathologies of your physical system. We will also identify any mental or emotional obstacles keeping you from attaining these goals. Together, we will create a fitness program to meet your specific goals. If needed, we will address stress management tools, and perform a nutrition screening. We will determine how many visits will be needed to address your goals. 

Can I book "Group" Wellness Visits?

Some clients would like to book group wellness visits. Postpartum mothers, for example, find it beneficial to tackle their fitness goals in the presence of friends. Magnolia will work with you and your friends to provide group wellness visits, with a minimal surcharge in rates as each client needs to be individually assessed and receives a personal program.