Services Offered

Physical THerapy

Has a doctor referred you to outpatient physical therapy but you find obstacles to getting there? Some patients are discharged from home health but are then unable to continue their rehab in the clinic. Others simply enjoy the convenience of having therapy in the privacy of their own home.  We provide outpatient therapy in your home by bringing the equipment to you. We have a wide assortment of tools and devices to help you get better. Your therapist will perform a skilled evaluation and treatment plan to best suit your individual needs and preferences.


Wellness VIsits

Are you trying to loose weight or get fit but find choosing the right program difficult or confusing?  Are you a new mother and are worried about what exercises are safe? Perhaps you have a medical condition and need help discovering what work-outs are best for your body. Magnolia Physical Therapy and Wellness can help you find the right exercise program to suit your individual needs as well as perform counseling about nutrition, stress relief, limiting beliefs, and pain or condition management.


LSVT BIG®  is a physical therapy treatment administered over sixteen sessions for people with Parkinson's disease or other neurological conditions. According to scientific studies, LSVT BIG® optimizes amplitude of movement, gait,  balance,  and quality of life in people with Parkinson's Disease. This protocol is intensive, complex, and based in clinical research. Only a certified LSVT BIG®  clinician is qualified to administer this therapy.


home & Office consultations

Are you moving a loved one into a new home and want a skilled therapist to make safety recommendations? Or, have you undergoing a procedure that increases your fall risk and you don't qualify for home health? Have you had an operation and you feel anxious moving around in your own home?  Our therapists can teach you and your caregivers how to make your home more safe, and recommend equipment that you may need to avoid falls.  We can also visit your home office or place of work and make suggestions on how to minimize or prevent pain and injury and improve function and posture. 

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LSVT Loud® 

LSVT Loud®  is a speech therapy treatment administered over sixteen sessions for people with Parkinson's disease or other neurological conditions. According to scientific studies, LSVT LOUD® helps people with Parkinson’s to “recalibrate” their perceptions so that they feel comfortable using a stronger voice at a normal loudness level. LSVT LOUD® can produce significant improvements in people facing considerable communication obstacles.

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Aquatic therapy

The therapeutic benefits of aquatic therapy are ideal for patients with lower back pain or neurological conditions. Patients have seen improvements in endurance, strength, pulmonary function, confidence, and pain after aquatic therapy. If you have a pool, our therapists can perform aquatic therapy with you. To learn more about the benefits of this type of therapy, click below.

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Telehealth means that your physical therapy services are provided over a technology platform, rather than in-person. If you have a smart phone or computer and live in the state of Georgia, then Magnolia may provide you with a remote visit. We use simple, HIPPA-compliant software which requires no downloading. You simply login online and can receive your live-visit from anywhere in Georgia!