Products We Love


BedSide Commode

Use this after surgery to avoid straining the abdomen or breaking total hip precautions. It can also be used in the shower as a shower chair.


Exercise Bands

This set is ideal for a home gym. Each band has different tensions and has ways to mount the bands in your doorway. The separate attachment is great of more difficult exercises.


Occipital Release TOol

This is great for those suffering from headaches, neck pain, or shoulder pain due to elevated ribs.


Portable Eliptical Machine

A wonderful tool for the home that takes up less space than a typical elliptical machine or recumbent bike. You can use this in sitting, and, with proper arm support for balance — in standing.


Water Jogger

A great way to exercise in the pool.


Pool Weights

A simple way to add resistance to your pool workout.


Calf Stretching

The pro-stretch can be great for someone with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, or medial knee pain.



Exercises on DVD to help with follow through with the LSVT BIG homework.


LSVT BIG VIDEO rental on vimeo

Exercises on Vimeo (streaming online) to help with follow-through with the LSVT BIG homework.

POrtable Balance Beam

Use only with the direction of your physical therapist. This tool can be unsafe for people at high risk for falls!


Curable App

An app developed by medical professionals addressing chronic pain holistically. Use Magnolia’s link for 25% off a subscription.


Free Program by Retrain Pain Foundation

Free resource for people living with chronic pain. Short audio / video lessons on living with pain.


Free pain Science Workbook

Another free resource for people living with chronic pain. This is a downloadable workbook with exercises.

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